Benefits of having a landscape garden

Benefits of having a Landscape Garden

Lockdown due to the Coronavirus has emphasised to everyone how important outside space is, for family time, exercising and mental health.  Whatever the size of your garden, Doran Bros can help transform it into a landscape garden.  We are one of the premier landscape garden companies in London, offering landscape gardening services to transform your …

9 Important Things to Know Before Opting for a Loft Conversion
Loft Conversion

9 Important Things to Know Before Opting for a Loft Conversion

Loft conversions just don’t seem to lose their shine and are enduringly popular as a way of creating more space in a home that you love and don’t want to move from.  Loft conversions for a designated home office are especially in vogue since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic but there are so many …

Top 5 home improvement trends in 2020
Home improvement

Top 5 Home Improvement Trends in 2020

As people spend more time than ever in their home space after the Coronavirus lockdown, investing in and developing your living accommodation has never been more important. Redesigning your home doesn’t necessarily mean making it bigger.  Doran Bros specialise in house renovation and refurbishment where a re-design of your existing space can create a totally …

How to have a loft conversion during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown
Loft Conversion

How to Carry Out a Loft Conversion During the Covid-19 Lockdown

The lockdown during the spring of this year due to Coronavirus left many people reflecting on whether they needed a bigger house.  With more lockdowns likely over the coming months and a significant shift towards homeworking and studying, converting your loft can provide that much needed extra space when a house move is neither possible …

Why choose a house extension over relocation
Home extension

Why choose a house extension over relocation?

Moving home has never been more popular after the lockdown for Coronavirus as city dwellers look to move out of busy urban areas to a more rural location and those lacking space seek properties with room for home offices and dedicated work areas.  But extending your home can offer the best of all worlds, it …

modular or traditional loft conversions
Loft Conversion

Are Modular Lofts Better Than Traditional Loft Conversions?

An alternative to standard and traditional loft conversions is the modular loft option, this is when an entirely new floor is manufactured off-site  – built in different sections called modules – and then delivered to the property and dropped into position by a crane once the old roof has been removed.   If you are interested …

loft conversions South West London
Loft Conversion

Why is it worth considering a loft conversion?

With house prices expected to fall after an initial flurry following the lifting of the lockdown, many people are considering staying put rather than moving and also the uncertainty over employment is fuelling this trend.  A loft conversion can be a great way to add extra accommodation to your home which may be perfect in …

home improvement companies in south London
Home improvement

All the inspiration you need for your dream home in London!

The lockdown due to Coronavirus has highlighted the importance of family accommodation, of outside space and perhaps the need to have a dedicated room to work from home.  With the property market ultimately looking rather gloomy due to the forecasts of an economic recession, now could be the perfect time to upgrade and improve your …

Types of House Extension
house extensions south London

Types of House Extension

With an uninspiring property market and a global economic recession looming around us, many people are putting off the idea of moving and looking at ways to extend their current home.  Doran Brothers Construction are house extension specialists in South West London and have also built many house extensions in South London.  Our portfolio of …

Essential guide to property refurbishment
Property Refurbishment

The essential guide to property refurbishment

Whatever your property refurbishment plans, Doran Brothers Construction can help breathe life into your project.  The most successful property refurbishment is always achieved hand in hand with an experienced construction company.  Doran Brothers Construction specialise in property refurbishment in West London and property refurbishment in South London with a portfolio of successful projects and happy …