Essential guide to property refurbishment
Property Refurbishment

The essential guide to property refurbishment

Whatever your property refurbishment plans, Doran Brothers Construction can help breathe life into your project.  The most successful property refurbishment is always achieved hand in hand with an experienced construction company.  Doran Brothers Construction specialise in property refurbishment in West London and property refurbishment in South London with a portfolio of successful projects and happy …

Loft conversion Benefit to have space in the house
Loft Conversion

Loft conversion: Benefit to have space in the house

A Loft conversion can absolutely transform the look of your home. Converting the empty or unused spaces into creatively constructed useful spaces is a mind full choice in today’s times of low space availability. It can prove to be a wonderful variation to the home. Increase in property value Living in monotonous boring homes can …

Easy ways to make a basement look bigger and brighter
Home improvement

Easy way to make a basement look bigger and brighter

Many older properties in London have basements and basement conversions are to the 21st-century what loft extensions were last century, they are all the rage.  Faced with an uninspiring property market, many homeowners don’t want to move house but are instead considering how they can extend their current dwelling. Home improvement companies in south London …

How to source the right builder for a house extension in London
Home extension

How to source the right builder for a house extension in London

Finding the right builder can be a little like buying a secondhand car – almost everyone has a horror story but it isn’t as difficult as you might think to source the right builder.  Here are some favourite tips to source the right builder for your house extension in south London. Ask around – maybe …

How to Make a Basement House Look Bigger and Brighter
Home improvement

How to Make a Basement House Look Bigger and Brighter

With more and more people keen to live in London, it’s no surprise that residents and builders are having to think of clever ways to increase the amount of housing available in the capital. Whether you are considering renting or buying a basement house, or having a basement extension, the bottom of a building needn’t …

house extensions south east London
house extensions south London

Find the Right Builder for Home Extensions in South London

If you love the location of your property, but don’t feel that it works for you or your family anymore, then you may be thinking about drawing up plans to extend your home. At Doran Bros Construction Limited, we specialise in house extensions south London and have plenty of experience enabling us to transform your …

Roof light loft conversions
Loft Conversion

All you need to know about roof light loft conversions

One of the key factors when converting a loft in the roof space of your home is how to maximise natural light.  There are also planning conditions imposed on certain types of window or roof light. Read on to learn more about the different types of windows and which one may suit your loft conversion.  …

Smart loft conversion
house extensions south London, Loft Conversion

Smart loft conversion ideas to extend your space

With political uncertainty seemingly endless, the housing market is quiet and householders are looking for other ways to maximise space rather than selling and upsizing. If you have a traditionally styled home with a good roof space then a loft conversion might seem like a great idea. Before you get carried away with the grand …