Ideas for Home Extensions
Home extension

Ideas for Home Extensions

As a homeowner, you may need to boost the value of your property. That is where home extensions ideas in south west London come in handy, even though it is a bit pricey. If you are on a limited budget, you shouldn’t worry anymore because there are some fantastic ideas for home extensions.

  • Maximise on the ceiling space

If you have tall ceilings, you can create additional space which can be used as storage room and add weightage to your property. You can construct a simple wooden structure on the ceiling to act as a temporary storage room.

  • Consider two storeys

You can achieve maximum value of your property by building two storeys. If your house already has a roof, you can build an extra storey on top of an existing single storey such as car shade.

  • Add a sunroom

Sunrooms have in the recent past gained popularity as the most popular home extensions. Sunrooms are relatively inexpensive to construct, and they don’t require any building regulations.

  • Consider maximising on the outdoor rooms

Outdoor rooms include veranda or spaces beneath steel posts with a flat roof. You can use these outdoor rooms during warmer months when there is too much sunlight. The outdoor rooms can act as dining areas or provide spaces to store flowers.

  • Consider sliding pocket doors

Unlike traditional doors which can either open outwards or inwards, sliding doors takes the appearance of the wall, hence conserving a lot of space. Modern sliding doors have pockets where you can store some essential household items.

  • Add kitchen extensions

The kitchen is the most crucial room in all households. You can take the home extension idea to your kitchen to get that additional space. You can opt for installation of cabinets, shelves, and appliances which are likely to make a significant difference in your kitchen.

  • Add more storage space

You can extend your house by adding extra storage to increase the home’s value. The additional storage can attract potential buyers and quickly increase the value of your house. You can find extra storage room below your stairs or at the ceiling.

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