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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Perfect New Bathroom.

So you’ve scrimped and saved or you’ve secured funding for your bathroom refurbishment.  You’ve been to the home improvement shops and you prefer not to have a bathroom in a box because you’d like to add some personal touches in order to make it unique with your own signature. Doran Bros Construction offers complete property refurbishment services in South and West London including complete bathroom refurbishments.

Top Tips for Your Bathroom Refurbishment

Figure out what you need: What is essential to your bathroom? Determining your essentials will help you with the next step.

Determine your budget: The average cost of a bathroom refurbishment in the UK can range from £3000 to over £8000 depending on specifics of the refurbishment and the size of the space.  

Working with Space: We advise you to work with the space you have to keep costs at a minimum.

Color scheme: Dark colours can make small spaces look smaller, but light colours can help them appear more open. Larger bathrooms do better with decorative focal points.

Your bathroom suite:  A stand alone bathtub may look amazing in a magazine, but it won’t work if your bathroom is very small. You’ll also want to consider the profiles of your toilet, sink and bathtub in relation to the space you have.

Wall and floor coverings: Even with ventilation, you may experience moisture in the bathroom. Tiling is a very effective way to protect walls against moisture intrusion and create a beautiful decorative effect.

Bathroom furniture:  Any bathroom requires storage options. You may or may not already have an airing cupboard or you may be re-allocating it to gain much needed floor space in your bathroom to accommodate new furniture for storage you’d like to bring in. This is something you’ll need to consider.

Source(s) of heating: You have some options here. Do you prefer a heating light you can turn on when you get into the bath/shower?  Is underfloor heating an option or will the radiator do?  

Ventilation: Every bathroom needs ventilation. This can be considered in concert with your windows, space available and lighting options.

Lighting:  This is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom refurbishment. Lighting sets a mood, can make a space seem larger or smaller. The right lighting and interior can give you the sense that you have a different or new bathroom at the flip of a switch.

Doran Bros Construction can take you through your bathroom refurbishment from a to z.  Contact us today for more information.

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