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3 Smart Tips for Kitchen Remodelling in 2018

Home improvement is much more than what it used to be a decade ago. It’s the latest fad for homeowners as the interior designing trends have been quickly changing and continue to develop throughout any given year. One of the rooms that are mainly being upgraded is the most critical and popular room in any house is the kitchen.

The kitchen area is the heart and soul of any house. It’s where the families and friends gather to eat, drink, talk, laugh and have great family time. That’s why it’s so essential for it to be up to date, homely and stylish. To do so and stay modern, here are three must-follow kitchen trends to look out for in 2018.

Technologically Advanced
Being smart vs being modern is one in the same. To turn your beautiful kitchen into more than just eating, cooking and dishwashing hangout, adding the mobile charging stations, Bluetooth speakers and tablet hookups to draw in both the kids as well as friends to spend a quality time in the kitchen. You can also do this with hidden hookups so you can keep your stylish look while also integrating the modern technology.

Connecting to the Living Room
If you’re looking to make significant changes, integrating the kitchen as well as the living room is the way to go. If that means eliminating a wall and cabinetry or swapping rooms or connecting your kitchen entirely to the living room/television area. It can surely bring the whole house together. This is a stylish as well as progressive move for families.

Texture on Texture
Contrast is super with any design, and the newest craze is the sharp contrast which is done with advanced texture on texture design. This means taking the texture and repurposing it throughout your kitchen. That can be done with a chair/stool upholstery, carpet, and art. The ongoing and upcoming kitchen trends can be anything from making the area ‘smarter’ to adding unique patterns and everything in between.

If you’re planning to make small or significant design changes to your home’s kitchen, make sure to contact Doran Bros Construction today. If your current cabinets are in better condition, and you need a facelift – we can reface the cabinets. We take off your old wooden doors and drawer fronts and replace them with a brand new one. The exterior of the cabinets is refaced with matching wood veneer or laminate. If you want more drawer space, we can convert a door cabinet to drawers.

We are one of the top home improvement companies in south London. Our experienced and skilled design professionals will help you find the best look and feel you want for your kitchen. If you need some help planning your ultra modern kitchen design, contact our experts. From kitchen cabinets to a full remodel, we can do it all.

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