How to Make a Basement House Look Bigger and Brighter
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How to Make a Basement House Look Bigger and Brighter

With more and more people keen to live in London, it’s no surprise that residents and builders are having to think of clever ways to increase the amount of housing available in the capital. Whether you are considering renting or buying a basement house, or having a basement extension, the bottom of a building needn’t be a space you ignore.

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There are plenty of ways to create a light, spacious room that will either allow you to live in London for the first time, or add value to your property. Doran Bros Construction Ltd is one of the top home improvement companies in south London and we therefore understand the methods we can employ to make your basement as light as possible.

Every house is unique, and we will work with you to discuss ways of getting natural light into the basement to give it a light and airy feel. Lighter rooms also tend to look bigger than a dark room. Larger ground level windows, solar tubes and even egress windows that allow for exit in an emergency can all allow for extra natural light in your home or room.

We can advise on the types of lighting, including spotlights, pendants, wall lights and undercounter lighting to ensure you have a way to control the electric lights within your basement for every occasion. An electrician will listen to your requirements and install bespoke lighting to your taste.

Finishing Touches
Decorating the space is important. Lighter coloured paints make a room look larger, and paints with reflective properties can make a room feel more spacious. Adding mirrors can make a room feel both larger and lighter, and adding your own table lamps, floor lamps or string lighting can soften the space whilst providing warm light.

For all your construction needs, trust our house improvements company and call us for a free quote today.

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