Top 5 home improvement trends in 2020
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Top 5 Home Improvement Trends in 2020

As people spend more time than ever in their home space after the Coronavirus lockdown, investing in and developing your living accommodation has never been more important. Redesigning your home doesn’t necessarily mean making it bigger.  Doran Bros specialise in house renovation and refurbishment where a re-design of your existing space can create a totally new look and more workable accommodation with optimal organisation to meet the demands of 21st-century living. Pick one of the best home improvement companies in south London for all your house improvements and remodelling needs.

What are the best home improvement ideas in 2020?
The sea of change in society due to Coronavirus has brought about some interesting developments in the housing market. Moving house has been one option to find the accommodation you need but some people can’t or don’t want to move. So if you are staying put, here are some of the home improvement trends and ideas that you can consider for your home in 2020:

  • Creating space through home extensions and loft or basement conversions allows people to work from home with a dedicated office or shared space for both business and study
  • Adding colour – interior design is focusing on bold and bright colours particularly in rooms which have been overlooked for some time like the bathroom which is seeing a move away from classic white sanitaryware and the introduction of colours like blue and green
  • Remodelling is very on-trend particularly kitchen remodelling as this part of the house has become a real focus, create seamless open plan living with space to dine and work as well as cook
  • Built-in storage has become a real thing as homes need to offer working space and also room to exercise. Built-in storage can create working areas and hide away gym equipment where space is at a premium allowing your home to be multi-functional but without spoiling the look
  • Conversions are as popular as ever with householders converting both their basement and loft to maximise the living space and this can also seriously uplift the value of the property

If you are interested in house renovation then choose one of the premier home improvement companies in south London. For conversions, extensions, remodelling and all house improvements and to see some of our successful designs and projects, visit our website

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