How to have a loft conversion during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown
Loft Conversion

How to Carry Out a Loft Conversion During the Covid-19 Lockdown

The lockdown during the spring of this year due to Coronavirus left many people reflecting on whether they needed a bigger house.  With more lockdowns likely over the coming months and a significant shift towards homeworking and studying, converting your loft can provide that much needed extra space when a house move is neither possible nor desirable. If you are interested in finding out more about converting your loft then talk to the specialists. Doran Bros offer loft conversions in South London and south West London with an extensive, expert track record in quality conversions which will add space and value to your home.

What are the benefits of a loft conversion?
A loft conversion can provide that much needed extra space in a family home which could be perfect in every other way and where extending the property is either not possible or has already been done.  The great range of loft designs mean that most roof spaces can be converted and here are just some of the different types of accommodation which you can use the new space for:-

  • add bedrooms for children and a bathroom
  • create a rooftop studio or office for home working, study or to run a business
  • a new kitchen and living area can be combined with an en suite bedroom on the floor below to create self-contained accommodation for a family member or as a source of income
  • a skyline cinema or media room will be popular with all the family and can free up a room on the ground floor as an extra bedroom or study
  • use the space as a playroom for little ones which can grow with them becoming a teenage crash pad later on

Doran Bros are loft conversion experts who will look at your house holistically and create a stunning design which integrates or complements your current home and adds the accommodation you really need.

Loft conversions during Coronavirus
Because much of the work is within the roof space, Doran Bros have been able to devise a safe system of working which has allowed us to continue to convert lofts in London whilst following the latest protocols and government safety advice.

Pick the loft conversion experts and see what our loft designs could do for your house.  We have been working on loft conversions in South and south West London for years and have a proud heritage of traditional, modular and contemporary designs.  Find out more on our website.

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