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All you need to know about roof light loft conversions

One of the key factors when converting a loft in the roof space of your home is how to maximise natural light.  There are also planning conditions imposed on certain types of window or roof light. Read on to learn more about the different types of windows and which one may suit your loft conversion.  Loft specialists of which there are many in London can advise on which design will offer you the best ventilation and natural light for your loft conversion.

What is the difference between roof windows, roof lights and skylights?
The terminology for these features can be used interchangeably but they do actually refer to different things:-

Roof window – these are windows which are installed in the same plan as the roof which surrounds them and in the same orientation.  They would, therefore, appear flush to the external eye and at the same angled pitch as the roof itself.  Traditionally, roof windows have been smaller than roof lights and internally can offer a frameless view

Roof Light – this is a generic description that can mean different things but is often used to describe a unit on a flat roof.  Roof lights are available in an almost endless array of designs and some are used for access not just for light and ventilation.  The opening can be hinged or sliding

Skylights – another bucket description which includes Velux but also references a huge variety and sizes of different roof windows

Roof windows offer natural light, ventilation, weatherproofing and soundproofing so their design and incorporation into your loft design are critical.  There are complex regulations surrounding the fit of roof windows both when open and closed which is why it is so important to use an experienced loft conversion company or loft specialists for your London home.

Doran Bros are loft specialists in London with three decades in the building trade.  They have a portfolio of rooflight loft conversions across south London bringing space, style and value to hundreds of householders.  Take a look at the website

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