How to Make the Best of Your Loft Conversion with the Right Styling
Loft Conversion

How to Make the Best of Your Loft Conversion with the Right Styling?

There is more to a loft conversion than just making it a new room in your house. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your loft conversion, it is important that you style it in a way that will make it functional as well as a place you want to spend time in.  Here are a few design tips to ensure you will fall in love with your loft conversion.

Choose the Right Colours
The right colours can bring your loft conversion to life so it is important to choose the right ones for how you plan to use it. For a bedroom, soft and neutral colours create a relaxing space. Statement pieces that reflect your personality and style, such as bright quilts and bold curtains, can tie the room together.

For a home office, you’ll want colours that aid in productivity like rich greens and blues. Or for a more efficient, minimalist look you can stick with white and clean lines.

If you are turning your loft into a playroom, being surrounded by playful primary colours brings out the creativity in your children.

Play With Textures
Adding textures to your loft conversion can create an aesthetically interesting space. You can add texture through the layering and combination of textiles, objects, and materials. For instance, you can place faux fur pillows atop your leather sofa.

Natural fibres are also a popular way to play with texture. Think woven baskets, woolen throws, and natural wood furniture.

Include Storage Spaces
One of the major benefits of a loft conversion is the extra space it adds to your home. To keep your loft looking clean and organized, it is best to incorporate storage spaces that are functional and stylish. To avoid the loft feeling too cramped, use drawers and cupboards where possible so that you can keep your storage looking less cluttered.

Because lofts have sloped ceilings, have storage built that follows the angle of the walls. That way you can be sure you are using every inch in a way that flows with your loft’s design. For corners, make a cosy nook area with corner shelves.

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