Single Storey Extension Ideas for 2021
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Single Storey Extension Ideas for 2021: The Ultimate Guide

These days our lives often require more space than our homes were originally designed for. You may be debating moving to a bigger house, but there are easier and less stressful ways to get more room such as adding an extension to your home. House extensions are a great way to gain more living space for your family and they can even add value to your home.

There are different types of house extensions but for those who want more room without making major changes to the structure of their property, a single storey extension is an ideal option. Two of the most popular types of single storey extensions are Side Return Extensions and Rear Main Extensions.

Side Return Extension
Many properties in the UK have a narrow strip of space that runs alongside the house called a side return. Side returns are common in detached, semi-detached, and Victorian properties. For a lot of homeowners, their side returns are a neglected space that end up as storage for bins and wayward outdoor items. By building an extension in this area, you can revitalize your side return and expand your home.

In addition to giving purpose to the side of your house, another benefit of a side return extension is that it doesn’t use up any of your garden. 

Rear Main Extensions
If you have a dark, ineffectively used back room or if you just simply want more living space, a rear main extension can completely transform your home by adding more space and light to the back of your house. They can be any size your heart desires but be aware that rear extensions will take up garden space.

To take your property to its fullest potential, depending on the type of house you have it is even possible to combine a side return and rear extension.

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