Double Storey Side or Rear Extension Which One Do You Prefer
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Double Storey Side or Rear Extension: Which One Do You Prefer?

Home extensions have become one of the most preferred home improvement projects in the UK. It is considered a clever option for those who wish to have a larger house on a limited budget. Since London’s average house prices have increased by 1.6% in 2020 alone, purchasing a new home simply for the purpose of obtaining more space can prove to be a costly financial set back. It is for this reason why house extensions in South London can be a more viable option.

There are plenty of extension options that you can choose from, but two of the most popular ones are the Double Storey Side and the Rear Main Extension. These options can help increase the size of your home. But which one is perfect for your household?

Review the comparisons of the two Types of Extensions below to determine which one is the best for your home.

Double Storey Side Extension
If your plot permits growth at the side of your house, you can use it to add more floor space to your property with a double storey extension. The double storey extension is considered a better investment compared to single storey projects because the additional space you are adding is contained within one permanent structure. Because you are growing up instead of out, the expense  you incur for every square metre is relatively lower compared to the single-storey extension construction.

Aside from providing additional living space, this type of house extension in South West London also allows you to more comfortably accommodate a growing family, with more room to convert as a home office, guest room, or kitchen addition.

Rear Extension
As the name suggests, this type of extension project adds more living space at the back of your home. It is often used in properties where there is no option for a side return. It is also the preferred extension type if you are living in a detached property.

Rear extension projects are also perfect if you have no plans to use your backyard as a garden. It can serve as an additional entertainment space, a home office, or an added dining area.

What Type of Extension to Build in Your Property
Deciding between the double storey side extension and the rear extension option can be a tough choice, but one that can be made easier by evaluating your property to know which one would be most aesthetically and functional feasible. No matter what you choose, both options can help expand your property and increase its value with help from Doran Bros Construction.

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