Benefits of Having a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion
Loft Conversion

Benefits of Having a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Thinking about extending your home without spending too much or making major changes? Find out how a Hip to Gable loft conversion can help.

Most homeowners dream of increasing the size of their properties in one way or another. Since the average home in London is valued at over £590,000 and rising as of December 2019 based on the UK House Price Index, buying a new home is a relatively costly option. With the cost of a new home outpricing many prospective buyers, also on the rise are Loft Conversions in South London. Homeowners can also consider a Hip to Gable loft conversion to add more floor space to their property.

The Hip to Gable loft conversion requires the assemblage of a gable wall with a roof construction to fill in the void. The addition of a hip to gable loft conversion results in a dramatic change in the overall shape of your home’s roof which is one of the reasons it has become one of the most popular styles of Loft Conversion in South West London.

If you are thinking about constructing a Hip to Gable loft conversion on your home, here are some advantages that will benefit you and your family after completing the installation:

Benefits of a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

  1. More Space

Enjoy spending time in spacious new rooms in your home without making major changes to its current architectural structure. The loft that you construct will not do much to increase your house’s size, but it will provide more floor space with an extra room that can fit up to three people at a time. Space all around your home can be optimised with the help of your new loft space since it can allow you to have better use of additional space compared to a dormer loft conversion.

  1. Saves Money

Constructing a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion requires minimal investment since the process of construction is relatively simple. With only the need of building a gable wall and modifying the roof, the process will save you thousands when compared to other methods of construction to optimise the space in your home. Installing a loft does not put a greater dent in your pocket than buying a more spacious property in London.

  1. Adds More Value to Your Property

If you may have plans to sell your home in the future, installing a hip to gable loft conversion is a simple and cost-effective way to increase the value of your property. The additional floor space will entice homebuyers as space is at a premium in the London property market.

Building a hip to gable loft in your home is an excellent way to increase your floor space without increasing the size of your house. For reliable builders to help you optimise your property, and give you functional space for the entire family, contact Doran Bros Construction.

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