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Are Modular Lofts Better Than Traditional Loft Conversions?

An alternative to standard and traditional loft conversions is the modular loft option, this is when an entirely new floor is manufactured off-site  – built in different sections called modules – and then delivered to the property and dropped into position by a crane once the old roof has been removed.   If you are interested in loft conversions in South London and loft conversions in south west London then take advice from Doran Bros Construction, specialists in both modular and traditional loft conversions.

Which is better, modular or traditional loft conversions?
Much of the distinction between modular and traditional loft conversions comes down to budget as a modular conversion can be significantly more expensive than a simple conversion to add a couple of bedrooms.  On the other hand, if you lack headroom in your current loft then creating more floor space and head height using dormer windows or opting for a mansard loft conversion could end up costing you just as much by the time all the work is finished.

Modular loft conversions allow you to design an entirely new floor whereas traditional loft conversions mean you have to work with what you’ve got.  However, some people feel that with an older house, a traditional loft conversion can be more bespoke and individual and work with the character of the house which is not necessarily reflected in a separate modular design which is machine built off-site.  Always consider both options before you makeup your mind.  You may find your choice is restricted by budgetary constraints or planning permission but it is always worth taking the time to consider all the design possibilities before making your final choice.

To breathe life into your loft conversions dreams, consult Doran Bros for a new loft conversion in south west London and loft conversions in south London.  A new loft conversion can transform your home and significantly increase its value.  We have successfully converted many homes in this part of London with both traditional and modular loft conversions. Take a look at our website for more details,

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