Top five benefits of a South London loft conversion
Loft Conversion

Top five benefits of a South London loft conversion

Let’s be honest – everybody loves a little more room and a lot more space than they have right now. The UK has some of the smallest homes, and almost every house struggles to balance the living space and storage. Loft conversions are the best solution to this problem. How, you ask? Let’s check the benefits of having a loft conversion in your south London  homes to get more space for you to enjoy.

  1. Add Value To Your Home

There is no need to take our word for it. Any property experts in south London agree that loft conversions are one of the best ways you can remodel your house. As per the house market research, the value of your house may increase by as much as 20% after successful loft conversion.

There is no other form of home refurbishment that costs so little yet adds so much value and payback on your investment. You can use your loft space to take in a lodger or an international student and start earning from your added space immediately.

  1. Avoid the cost of moving

It’s not only solicitor fees, stamp duty, and property costs, which continue to rise: the real value of moving residence seems to get higher every year. One of the significant benefits of loft conversion is that you can stay in the same area. And you don’t need to,

  • Settle your children into a new school.
  • Add to your commute or get a new job.
  • Go through the packing stress and traumas of moving house.
  • Stamp duty is usually now equal to the price of an entire loft conversion, so you not only gain more, but you might spend less.
  1. Increase the property space

With any loft conversion, it’s not just that added space you gain – a well-designed conversion can provide additional storage underneath your new stairs and reduce the strain of storage space on the rest of the rooms in your house as well.

  1. Adding a natural light source

Dormers and Velux windows let in much more sunshine than the other windows in your house. They are much less likely to be blocked by other trees or dwellings on the street outside. Thanks to the height, angles and positioning of their windows, loft conversions can let in the maximum amount of sunlight into the rooms they create.

  1. Saving time & money with a loft conversion

No other home remodelling comes close to loft conversions in terms of the value added to your house. Loft conversions are less likely to form issues concerning the blocking of light or the overshadowing of adjacent properties. Building a loft conversion is commonly less dependent upon weather conditions. Work can often proceed in rainy or frosty conditions which are not the case with home extensions. Compared to simple home extensions, loft conversion saves you time and money.

Doran Brothers are specialists in turning your loft space into a comfortable living space for your home at affordable rates. We have completed many projects of loft conversions in Southwest London by turning them into bedrooms for kids or to rent with websites such as Airbnb. With our expertise and experience, we are one of the leading loft conversion service providers in South London.

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