Traditional vs Contemporary Home Extension_ Which One is Better
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Traditional vs Contemporary Home Extension: Which One is Better?

For growing households, home extensions might be necessary to accommodate the addition of new family members. According to the data commission by Santander, in the UK, more than 60,000 home extensions and conversions were applied by households in 2020. The data also relayed that COVID-19 lockdowns prompted 40% of all homeowners to push through with their plans for house extensions in South London.

However, planning for house extensions in South West London can be challenging if you are torn between traditional and contemporary home extensions. These styles, to the eye, are quite opposing, yet both have their own charms and advantages. Determine which among these two distinct styles are perfect for your family.

Difference in Style
Before deciding which styles are perfect for your home extension, you need to understand what they incorporate.

Traditional House Extensions
Are ideal if you have a traditional home. This type of home extension incorporates a classic and timeless look that usually has a richer and darker color scheme than light and airy modern design. If you wish to maintain the traditional look of your house, you should focus your attention on materials in rich tones. You should also use modest building materials like clay tile, stone, brick and timber to achieve a traditional look for your home extension.

Contemporary Home Extension
Meanwhile, the design for Contemporary Home Extensions usually utilizes a modern way of constructing extension components. This may include various design techniques like modernism, art deco, and steel & glass combinations to achieve sleek lines and minimalist appeal. Contemporary design also focuses on intentional asymmetry and cleaner interiors to reduce the appearances of clutter and unnecessary decoration. The focus then becomes the overall the design of the home versus the decorative aspects which fill it.

Which to Choose?
You may choose to keep up with your traditional or contemporary home design for your House Extension project, but you can also choose to use contradicting styles for added aesthetics. However, these may require more considerations.

The key strategy if you want to veer away from the current architectural style of your home when planning your home extension is to build a stark contrast with the structure in existence. Since the new extension will be very different, you should trust the that your builders have the expertise to carry out such dramatic changes while still maintaining the overall aesthetic of your home. It’s important to ensure that the builders know how to incorporate complementing elements to tie in both design styles.

Home extension projects can make or break the appearance of your new home. Developing a plan and choosing the right team of experienced builders is important to complete a successful home extension that compliments your home, regardless of it’s current style.

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