Types of House Extension
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Types of House Extension

With an uninspiring property market and a global economic recession looming around us, many people are putting off the idea of moving and looking at ways to extend their current home.  Doran Brothers Construction are house extension specialists in South West London and have also built many house extensions in South LondonOur portfolio of professional projects speaks for itself.  So, if you are considering a house extension, Take a look at what are the different types available:

Most people extend their houses either to the rear or the side depending on whether their home is detached, semi-detached or terraced.  Here are some options to consider.

  • Side return extensions – a side return extension is an infill of the passage to the rear and side of a house, commonly between two houses. A side return extension will steal some of the garden but the side element of it will often make use of the unused part of the property.
  • 2 storey side extensions – full height, these extensions allow you to extend both floors and represent very good value for money compared to a single storey extension as they are more often double the price.
  • Rear main extensions – can be single height or full height depending on available space and the style of the property, a very popular choice in terraces where a side extension is not an option.

Extending your home can provide much needed extra space and allow you to stay in a property which is perfect in every each way and which you may have lovingly refurbished.  Extensions will require planning permission and it is important to grasp this nettle early on so you know that your dreams can become a reality.  House extensions represent a good investment in the property with a positive return in future when the house eventually comes to market. The possibilities of extra rooms you can create are almost endless and you can style the new accommodation in a different way to the main house which can be either complementary or contrasting.

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