Essential guide to property refurbishment
Property Refurbishment

The essential guide to property refurbishment

Whatever your property refurbishment plans, Doran Brothers Construction can help breathe life into your project.  The most successful property refurbishment is always achieved hand in hand with an experienced construction company.  Doran Brothers Construction specialise in property refurbishment in West London and property refurbishment in South London with a portfolio of successful projects and happy clients.  Here is our essential guide to a stress-free and fruitful property refurbishment.

  • Consider how much stress you can handle – property refurbishment projects can be stressful particularly if you are living in the property at the time
  • At the time of your project, there may be some weather-related issues which will make the work difficult at that time of year or family matters which will conflict with the work you had planned.
  • Be realistic on your budget and this is where you need to work closely with your construction company. Costs can spiral, so set a realistic figure and work with your builder to stay within the limit.
  • Think throughout the project for allround progress as it is really easy to overlook other elements which can impact on the cost, for example, with a loft conversion, you may need to upgrade the central heating to heat the new space and this could require a new boiler.
  • Don’t overlook the issue of planning permission and building regulations, these both need to be tackled early on in the project. Falling foul of planning regulations and building control will only slow down the project and end up costing you money
  • Set aside a pot of money for unexpected costs – there will always be some you haven’t planned for or which are unforeseen.
  • Once the project is planned and budgeted, think through all the logistics as they impact on your family – this is one of the biggest contributors to stress and disruption. If you plan ahead then you can mitigate how much of an impact the refurbishment will have on your daily life

For all your property refurbishment needs in West London and South London, take a look at our website.

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