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What is the Major Difference Between Renovation and Remodelling?


Renovation tends to just involve refurbishing or upgrading what is already there, so renovation doesn’t usually involve structural work, changing room dimensions or function. Remodelling is a different matter altogether, this is all about reconfiguring the existing space and maybe even adding extensions to the side or rear of the property. Contact Doran Bros, the property refurbishment experts in South London. We also offer a property refurbishment service in West London.

Renovation vs. Remodelling

It would be wrong to think that renovation can’t transform a room or section of a house just because the work is not necessarily structural in nature. The key thing to making effective decorative changes is to choose the right materials.

Some people decide to focus on lighting and make a feature out of lighting in order to create the appearance of space and brightness in a property that may struggle for natural light.

If you have less scope with refurbishment but have fantastic views, then make a feature of what lies outside the window and frame the viewsThis is particularly popular with loft conversions that have stunning rural views or urban dwellings with dramatic cityscapes.

Reconfigure Your Existing Space

If you can’t or don’t want to extend then reconfiguring your existing space can really make the most of what you have and change your living accommodation to reflect your current needs. Most popular amongst the drivers for this is the creation of a home office or workspace after the previous periods of lockdown during the pandemic.

Consider a Two-storey Extension

A two-storey extension will transform both floors of your home and allow you to effectively remodel all the accommodation. Perhaps you already have a single storey extension and just want to add a couple of rooms on top of it.

A sunroom extension or conservatory can come in many different forms, even for those homeowners who think they don’t have room for one. There are some stunning contemporary designs that can work with small properties and apartments.

An outdoor house extension is the creation of separate accommodation which is effectively and stylishly linked to the main home, an extension but not an extension. These models offer separation from the principal dwelling with a range of attractive, design-driven link features which are both practical and unusual.

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