Why choose a house extension over relocation
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Why choose a house extension over relocation?

Moving home has never been more popular after the lockdown for Coronavirus as city dwellers look to move out of busy urban areas to a more rural location and those lacking space seek properties with room for home offices and dedicated work areas.  But extending your home can offer the best of all worlds, it keeps you in a property that you love but which is just not big enough and avoids all the upheaval and cost associated with moving.  Doran Bros have been delivering house extensions in south west London and house extensions in south London for many years and have huge expertise and experience in creating imaginative and stylish extensions.

What are the advantages of a house extension over relocation?
One of the biggest advantages of a home extension in London is the cost.  Full height extensions are not cheap but the big difference is that the money goes directly into improving the value of your home as compared with the costs associated with moving – estate agents’ fees, stamp duty which has been lifted only temporarily for some homes until next March, surveys and solicitors’ costs and a professional moving company to pack up the house and help you move.  These are all just expenses.

Extending your home will put every penny back into your home allowing you to stay in a property that is perfect in every way other than size.  This is a home that you will have invested in and in which you have created treasured memories.  If you are settled and established in a community with your children at local schools then an extension will also avoid the prospect of having to uproot your family and find a new school or college.

Many people think that they will not have the room for a worthwhile home extension or the property may already have been extended.  For home extensions in south West London and south London explore all the different design possibilities with Doran Bros.  Check out our website to look at some of our completed projects at www.doranbrosconstruction.co.uk

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