Easy ways to make a basement look bigger and brighter
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Easy way to make a basement look bigger and brighter

Many older properties in London have basements and basement conversions are to the 21st-century what loft extensions were last century, they are all the rage.  Faced with an uninspiring property market, many homeowners don’t want to move house but are instead considering how they can extend their current dwelling.

Home improvement companies in south London like Doran Bros Construction have been helping homeowners for years improve their basement house or create a basement extension.

Basements don’t have to be dark, dingy and damp, they can provide invaluable extra space for a busy family and have a multitude of possible uses.  Here are some ideas to help transform your basement.

  • Don’t necessarily use white to lighten the walls which can be very harsh, paint the walls and ceiling all one colour instead to create the illusion of space
  • Make sure there is no clutter, choose a function for the room which will complement clever storage solutions
  • Select reflective surfaces for the floor like laminate or shiny wood, if you opt for carpets or rugs then use light or pale colours. Don’t use patterned textiles and if you do, choose small scale patterning rather than bold statement pieces
  • Paint any exposed pipes the same colour as the ceiling
  • Some basements have no natural light at all but you can create the illusion of daylight using lights positioned at different heights and angles. Avoid creating dark corners
  • Think about how to position furniture – many people think that placing the furniture back against the walls to create a central space will make the room look bigger but the opposite is often the case

Doran Bros Construction is amongst the top home improvement companies creating stylish basements throughout London, maximising space and functionality for homeowners with our experienced and professional design and build service. Learn more on our website.  www.doranbrosconstruction.co.uk

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