Home Refurbishments in West London
Property Refurbishment

The Best Home Refurbishments in West London

If your current home is no longer working for you, there’s no need to move house. Talk to Doran Bros Construction Limited for all of your extension, refurbishment and building needs. We’ve helped numerous clients with property refurbishment in west London, and our previous testimonials speak for themselves. Extend or Refurbish with Doran Bros Construction …

house extensions south London
Home extension

House Extensions – How to Style Your Home

At Dorans Bros Construction Ltd, we understand house extensions south west London like no-one else. With over 30 years of experience in the building trade, we have designed and constructed loft conversions, single storey extensions and side return extensions. We are also experienced in property refurbishment. Working on house extensions south London, we get to …

A guide to property refurbishment
Property Refurbishment

A guide to property refurbishment

As a property investor, it reaches a time when your property requires renovation to restore the original look. Property refurbishment is a rewarding task, but if you are not keen, you can incur additional costs and surpass your budget or schedule. Below is our few guide to property refurbishment: Have a reasonable and strict schedule …

Top five benefits of a South London loft conversion
Loft Conversion

Top five benefits of a South London loft conversion

Let’s be honest – everybody loves a little more room and a lot more space than they have right now. The UK has some of the smallest homes, and almost every house struggles to balance the living space and storage. Loft conversions are the best solution to this problem. How, you ask? Let’s check the …

Why Hire a Professional Property Maintenance Company
Property Refurbishment

Why Hire a Professional Property Maintenance Company?

Property maintenance is a kind of service you may hire in ensuring that the condition of your property is maintained. This is done by landlords, homeowners or real estate owners who are too busy to maintain the property themselves or those who require professional help to ensure that the top-notch conditions of their properties are …

Kitchen Remodelling
Home improvement

3 Smart Tips for Kitchen Remodelling in 2018

Home improvement is much more than what it used to be a decade ago. It’s the latest fad for homeowners as the interior designing trends have been quickly changing and continue to develop throughout any given year. One of the rooms that are mainly being upgraded is the most critical and popular room in any …